Celebrating 10 Years!


Now a days, everyone is talking about customer service. How customer service can make or break a company. It’s what separates the good companies from the bad. But what exactly does that mean?  As a principal of an AV and production company, OnCue Staging, I think about this all the time.  At our company, we believe that just delivering a good customer service isn’t enough. We believe in showing, not telling.Recently, we had a client who was going to Shanghai to do some events over-seas, but couldn’t afford to fly out a lot of staff. The client began to worry about having technical problems, and whether or not the events would run smoothly without having a fully equipped team.  I assured her not to worry. I had someone over there that could help her.  She was baffled at the fact I could possibly have a contact in Shanghai, but that’s how the industry works. 

Because we have been in the industry so long and have done other events in Shanghai, we got to know people and learn about their culture—and it works out in the long run. Our contact in Shanghai not only helped set up the client’s technology, but he went the extra mile and helped her with cultural differences in the presentation. Sometimes cultural differences can be big, and sometimes they can be small, but regardless the client appreciated his efforts.

The client could have gone to Shanghai and found a third party to help her, but would they have been as qualified? Or, provided a good customer experience? Who really knows what would have happened.  The point is, when you’re in the industry as long as long as we’ve been, you get to know other professionals, make friends and help each other—you’re just a couple degrees of separation away from working together. There are capable and competent people in the AV/production industry, the hardest part is finding the good ones and separating them from the masses.

I knew of a good, reliable, experienced colleague that reached out to my client and was able to provide the same level of customer service I would have provided and who went the extra mile.  You can’t experience this level of service through a brochure, a website or even a price sheet.  You want an AV/production company you can count on in any situation, no matter where you are located.   You want a company that believes “the show comes first.”  That ‘s OnCue Staging.

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