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The screen is too big, the screen is too small, this screen is just right. How do you figure out which screen is just right? OnCue will help you decide based on the size of the stage, what will appear on the screen, how it will be used and more.

In the meantime, consider this: No matter the size of the audience, it’s the distance from the farthest attendee to the screen that is most important. Depending on the seating configuration—theatre, classroom, rounds, etc.—the distance can vary greatly changing your screen-size requirement.

The easiest way to figure out which screen size will work is the “8x Rule.” The 8x Rule multiplies the screen width measurement by 8 and gives an estimate of how far away an attendee can sit and still see the screen content.

For example, if you have a 9′x12′ screen, that screen size will cover an audience with the last row 96 feet away. (12′W x8=96). Simple, right?

There’s one more thing to consider too: the graphics. If there are too many bullet points or type that is too small on a PowerPoint slide or the graph, chart or table is too intricate, the 8x Rule is not guaranteed to work. It is important to communicate guidelines and expectations about how presentations need to be designed in advance so that speakers and their graphic’s artists can accommodate and anticipate how their presentation will appear on screen. OnCue Staging can help manage this process.

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