Celebrating 10 Years!

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This is OnCue Staging – Beyond Event Production

OnCue Staging provides a unique blend of audio visual services and event production support. You need audio visual support for your meetings, and you need a partner who can bring production value. OnCue Staging provides high-quality service and the support of a production company, plus the nuts and bolts support of an audio visual company.
It doesn’t take a mega budget to put on a stellar corporate event. It doesn’t take a cast of thousands to transform an audience. And it doesn’t take a lot to manage seasoned technicians. It just takes caring as much as you do. That’s OnCue.


Creative Services

OnCue Staging employs expert staff to develop technology and a creative plan that works within your budget, delivers big impact and meets your goals. OnCue selects equipment to meet your specifications and to design a one-of-a-kind stage set for your event.

Event Production

OnCue Staging’s experienced team will create an event that will impress your audience from the start. We deliver message and theme development to graphic design and production. OnCue also offers speech writing and coaching, on site speaker support, show flow development, music programming, video production, special effects and much more.

Pre-Event Management

OnCue will educate you about the best technologies to use to achieve your vision and how to take your audience beyond their day-to-day and get the “wow” that they wanted. Before your event, OnCue Staging will develop computer renderings of your room layout including seating arrangements, stage positioning and lighting/audio/video rigs. We will also specify the right gear, quality check it prior to your event and again upon arrival. OnCue will provide you ease of mind, and we’ll work within your budget.

On-Site Event Management

From the moment we step foot on the venue site, the OnCue team is completely focused on your event and your event alone. At your venue, OnCue Staging manages the load-in and set-up process for you. Prior to arrival, we develop a plan to ensure little or no overtime labor, so you can relax and focus on other aspects of the event. Once the room is set-up, we run your rehearsal and work with your VIP speakers to ensure they are comfortable on stage with their audio, the graphics from their presentations and provide any other needed support.  After the event, we manage the load-out process for you as well.

Post-Event Management

After your event, OnCue Staging will supply you with final presentation files and a final budget along with show recordings, if requested. We also schedule time to hear your feedback and brainstorm on how to make your event even better the next time.